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Hearth Accessories

Earth Covering Photo Earth Sonte Veneers New IconThe look of stone is timeless. It evokes value, craftsmanship, and a desire for quality.

ErthCoverings offers you 100% natural stone in a range of styles, textures, and colours. All stones are available in an easy-to-install veneer format.

Whether you're simply looking to accent your home, or to create an entire project with the feel of the richness that natural stone offers, we provide an affordable solution that is easily adaptable to any environment.

By The Fire Logo Hearth Pads

Hearth Pads

NEW colours - Black Slate, Autumn Slate, Topaz.
Available in wall or corner applications with 12 different colour choices.


Minuteman Logo Minute Manth photo

Tool Sets, Screens, Wood Holders

We stock some of these items and are able to offer a choice of many more readily available from our supplier. There are many more accessories such as rugs, match holders, fire starters, wood bags, ash pails etc.



John Wright Logo Streamers Photo

Steamers, Trivets, Kettles

Steamers are great for sitting on your stove to put moisture into the air. They come in many colours and styles for practicality or fun!

Steamers are primarily used to put humidity into the air, as well as to look attractive on your stove.  Kettles are also available, but require watching a little more as they can boil over easily. Kettles are available in several gloss colours or matte black.  Trivets are available to match whichever style you pick.

Stove Bright Logo Paint Photo

Paints, Cleaners, Gaskets

We stock bulk gaskets so we can cut the exact amount you need for your stove.
Glass cleaners are available for both wood and gas products.
We have brushes in many sizes and rods for both wood and pellet for the do-it-yourself chimney sweep.

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America’s leading manufacturer of fireplace bellows, Johnny Beard Company was established in 1975. Johnny utilizes his expertise in woodworking, leatherworking, and metalworking to create fireplace bellows that are both fully functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Saltbox Shoppe Logo The Saltbox Shoppe Assorted Bird houses

Bird Houses

All birdhouses are fully functional, and all separate compartments can be opened and cleaned. Except B103 and B105, which are just decorative. The shape, style, and size are always consistent but colours will vary as wood and tin are always the original colour.

The Saltbox Shoppe Logo

Coat Racks

Antique Door Knob Coat Hooks: Door knob coat hooks come in different lengths and styles, be sure to indicate which style you are interested in. All materials are unique and in original colour embossed ceiling tin and hardware.

The Saltbox Shoppe Logo

Embossed Tin Mirror

Embossed Tin Mirrors: Always original colour embossed ceiling tin, covering pine frames. Mirror sizes include 8x10, 6x20, 12"round, 6x20 arched, 12x14 and 12x12. Custom sizes possible.