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Hearth & Leisure Staff

Owners, Al and Suzanne Thompson of Creemore ONAl and Suzanne

Allan was interested in wood heat as a young man. When he realized how expensive other fuels were and that his father-in-law had a free source of wood, he began to research about stoves. Our first stove was a Franklin and we quickly realised that this was not adequate enough. The next one was a Vermont Castings which performed much better. A move North brought us into contact with Pacific Energy stoves and we have had 2 since then. Al applied for a job at Hearth & Leisure and worked there for several years before purchasing the business in 2002. He is now WETT certified and doing all of the inspections and service work for the company. Suzanne grew up with wood heat as her father had 40 acres of bush and a rather inefficient wood furnace, so she was very familiar with the work involved with wood but happy to have the warmth of a wood fire in the home and reduced heating bills.


craigCraig Thompson

Our eldest son has followed us into the business after working at The Foundry repairing stoves. He has been an asset to the business as he is WETT certified and able to answer technical questions as they arise. He is now managing the second location in Clifford full time. He has moved closer to the store so he is able to do more installations and have this location opened more often. Craig is an avid Pacific Energy fan, heating his house solely with wood heat.




Debbie Russell

Debbie Russell of Dundalk has been with Hearth & Leisure at the Shelburne location for 4 years now. She has worked in the industry over 18 years and is a great asset to us with her knowledge of products we sell. Her cheery voice will answer the phone when you call and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.